About Us


The Inspiration

I was inspired to breed this amazing cat because of a friend, who is also a breeder. In the past years I've had many cats who were part of our family, for as long as 21 years. That was my "Rosebud," a domestic Calico born in my bedroom. My Rosebud will forever carry a special place in my heart, as will my "Mystic," who lived 16 years and just passed last August, 2018. He was a feral kitten given to me by a little girl from her grandma's backyard. I was a groomer at Pet's Mart at the time. Every cat our family has owned has been unique and precious to us. "Sampson," our Maine Coon lived to be 15 years old, and just passed in 2017. 

When I got my two girls, Rose and Lilly, from Russia in 2018 I was absolutely amazed about how gentle, loving and friendly they were (and not afraid of anyone)! I knew instantly I had made the right choice to pass on this incredible breed of cat to others. Their beauty and confidence in their human companions is unparalleled. Coming home on the plane (4 hours) with them, there was not one cry of distress. Also, from the airport to home, not a single peep in the car. I was hooked! I have never experienced such an ease and comfort, especially in such stressful places before, with any other cat I've owned. The only other time this happened is when I picked up my boy a few months later, Zeus, who behaved in the exact same way! What a wonderful blessing they are to myself and my family.


Meaning Behind "Kiss From a Rose"

The name of my cattery was inspired by a song I heard, the meaning of which is very dear to my heart. . . "Kiss" meaning a gift and "rose" represents love, and therefore, fitting for the wonderful adventure we are on together. Also, all of our ladies are named after flowers. "Rose," gave us our first litter and "Lilly" gave us our second, and both of these special girls exude the true beauty and gentleness that their names suggest.  


Cats and Intuition

Cats and intuition have always been synonymous for me, As a young girl I studied dreams and have taught others to listen both in their sleep and in awakeness. 98% of our dreams are about ourselves and are symbolic. Cats and many animals come to assist us both in life and in dreams to help us understand where we are or need to be. Native Americans have used animal medicine to guide them for centuries. Many cultures use animal totems as guiding lights and for protection. The cat in a dream usually represents intuition or independence, depending on the context of the dream. Kittens would represent the same, only the immaturity of that intuition or independence.

The Berkeley Institute of Psychic Development teaches people to open and develop their intuition and psychic ability, using cats to telepathically send messages. The cats then respond to the energy and intention being directed at them with fear or favor. So, whatever your belief system, cats are quite a gift in so many ways! May you enjoy your kittens for many years to come.

- Rene Michelle