Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Siberian Neva Masquerade?

The Neva Masquerade is a distinct type of the Siberian cat breed which came into existence during the 1980's in Russia, and was thought to be the result of crossbreeding between Siamese and Siberian cats.  Siberians are a relatively rare, pure-bred or "pedigreed" domestic cat breed, and may be one of the oldest in the world.  The name, Neva Masquerade, was derived from the location they were initially discovered, the Neva River near St. Petersburg.  Additionally, this particular area was well known for its frequent masquerade parties, and the masks worn by attendees of these masquerade parties closely resembled the coloring on the face of this unique cat. Thus, a new breed of Siberian cat was born, the Neva Masquerade.

The Neva Masquerade shares almost all of the same characteristics of a traditional Siberian, however, there are a couple of distinctions between the two that makes the Neva Masquerade special and unique, including its most obvious feature - the "pointed" color scheme. This means it has "points" of color on the face and paws, unlike any other breed. The elegant and exotic coloring on their face and paws is further magnified by their generally whitish body color.  This is unique to the Neva Masquerade because they lack the enzyme, Tyrosinase, which is responsible for production of the pigment melanin, resulting in their white body. 

Characteristics and personality traits of the Siberian Neva Masquerade

This is a remarkable cat that makes a wonderful pet. They are beautiful, large, and loving cats with full, fluffy coats and brilliant blue eyes.  In fact, their bright blue eyes are a unique signature of this breed - every Siberian Neva Masquerade has gorgeous blue eyes!  Moreover, their exotic and elegant color scheme is unlike any other breed of cat, making them both, rare and in high demand.


Their beauty is rivaled only by the magnificence of their personality, as they are incredibly lovable, dog-like, energetic, amiable, and family-friendly. In fact, they have an affinity towards almost anyone, including children, other cats, dogs and horses! Most people who interact with Siberians for the first time are usually surprised at how dog-like this breed can be, and this is quite often the factor that convinces prospective owners to get one.


Siberians are trainable and  can learn tricks, play fetch and even come running when called. Owners will attest to how shockingly clever they are, as they’ve been know to figure out how to open doors and get to hidden toys or treats. They can even read their owner’s tone and mood. Additionally, they are well known for their extensive vocabulary, often providing a symphony of amusing sounds, like purrs, chortles and chirps.  


One of the most unique and sought after traits of the Siberian breed is its hypoallergenic properties. This breed produces less of the protein known to cause allergic reactions and has been found, despite all the hair, to be less irritating to people who suffer from cat allergies.  See Hypoallergenic for more detailed information.

Social, Affectionate & Loyal

Perhaps the trait that makes Siberians most popular is their need for companionship and love, as opposed to the typical fickle and cold "cat-like" behavior exhibited by other breeds. These cats will greet you at the door after coming home, purring and meowing for attention, and then follow you around the house. Owners often form a deep personal connection with their Siberians, and it's commonplace for these cats to even respond to questions with chirps and meows, and engage in conversation with their owners.

Active, Playful & Healthy

It is amusing to observe just how playful these cats can be. Whether it's flipping in the air to catch toys, or playing with dogs and other animals, or even racing through the house for no apparent reason, these cats are incredibly athletic, and are typically ready to play at any time of the day. Additionally, while most cats are terrified at the sight of water,  Siberians have been observed actually playing in water, and in some cases, joining their owners in the shower!  Moreover, Siberian Neva Masquerades are not known to have any breed-related health issues, so they are generally healthy cats throughout their entire lives. 

What color point combinations are available with Neva Masquerades?

There are a wide variety of color point schemes, so while some Neva's have color points of black, grey or brown on their paws, others have white paws with a dark face and ears. The name and type of each color point combination are as follows:   

  • Seal Point & Seal Lynx Point:  Cream/white body with dark brown or black points and can have white paws.
  • Silver Blue Lynx Point: Off-white/white body with bluish/grey points with stripes and can have white paws.
  • Blue Point & Blue Lynx Point: Cream body with bluish/grey points and can have white paws.
  • Seal Tabby Golden Shaded: Cream/apricot body with beige/brown points.
  • Traditional: many color combinations, tabby, tortie, and mackeral with green eyes (generally body is not white).
  • Tortie - combination of colors and specs on points (only girls).
  • Red Point with White.

Are these cats really hypoallergenic?

The short answer is yes. However, it is important to understand the science supporting this claim, so please see hypoallergenic for more detailed information.

Why should I own a Siberian Neva Masquerade?

Advantages to owning a Siberian Neva Masquerade include:

  •  A beautiful, loving, dog-like companion that provides a constant source of joy, affection and entertainment.
  • Hypoallergenic properties make it possible for almost anyone to own a Siberian Neva Masquerade, even those that suffer from cat allergies! 
  • All kittens are given shots, and certified pure-bred with TICA (The International Cat Association) registration. Registration is provided upon spay/neuter of kitten after adoption. 

Can kittens be delivered if I live outside of Colorado?

Yes, we can deliver your kitten anywhere in the U.S., however, because kittens under 5 months are too young to ship via "cargo," they must be delivered via courier. A modest courier fee applies, plus round trip airfare to the destination.  Kittens are available for adoption at 10 weeks old.

*Waiting List / Reserve Policy:  If no kittens are available, you may request to be added to the WAITING LIST for priority on the next litter of kittens. This requires a $250 deposit (refundable).  If kittens are available, but not yet old enough to adopt, you may "reserve" a kitten with a deposit of $250 (refundable - up until kitten is 6 weeks old).