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*Zeus's father, "Razumnik," of Tver, Russia, is a Champion, and his mother, "Melodiya," is an International Champion. He is also younger brother to "Hors" of Tver, Russia - an International Champion.  

From this lover-man's first picture at four weeks old, I could not resist his deep blue eyes! He is an "Aires," and with that adventurous energy he was the biggest in a litter of four. His apricot ears and tabby pom-pom tail are irresistible!

My gentle giant loves to sleep next to his humans, and with all of his strength he is still a gentleman and very sweet to all who play with or pet him. If you let him jump in your lap he will give you a hug. Zeus is charming, smart and so passionate, that he'll jump on anything in his way to capture the toy you tease him with - he cannot resist a challenge, which is part of his Aires energy! 



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Apollo was born April 26th, 2019 and is a Taurus. True to his sign, he loves to be loved, caressed, brushed and anything to do with the senses, especially food - he "savors" every bite! For only 8 months of age, he is already bigger than Zeus, but is quite a gentle giant.

Apollo's Russian name, "Anduin," is named after the Greek god of healing, medicine, music and poetry. Apollo's beauty comes from his mother, "Hilma."



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Daisy is our newest queen and has a unique seal tortie color combination. Her Russian name is Flavia and she was born on July 14, 2019. 

*Daisy is expected to have her first litter in August, 2019.



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Lotus is our most recent Queen, born May 2nd, 2019. She is a "seal point bi-color" Siberian Neva.  Her original Russian name was "Belosnezhka," meaning "Snow White," on the account of her brilliant white coat and striking blue eyes.  Her Champion father is a traditional but rare smoke Siberian named Balsam Diya Dush Dannel. Her mother is Pyatnica Iz Iverskogo and also an International Champion. Both are from Tver, Russia.

From the moment I saw her big sapphire blue eyes, I was enchanted and knew she was my girl! She is a passionate Taurus in every sense and to touch her turns on a motor you can hear throughout  a large room, not to mention, her nickname is "Butter" because with one touch she melts and falls on the floor for you to caress every inch of her!

Thank goodness playtime is super serious. Just ring a bell and she comes running in!! Eating with others - let's just say, she gets most of it, so exercise is a must.  Most important, we got our Sunflower on June 10th and both Lily and Rose were quite territorial and would not accept her. Three months went by and Lotus was our "bridge" and the sister Sunflower needed!  Lotus gets along with all of our cats and is true to her name...which the "Blue Lotus" in Buddhism is a symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses and the perfection of wisdom. Truly, she is an "old soul." 



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Sunflower's father, "Prince," (orange tabby) is from Yaroslav, Russia and is a Champion. Her mother, "Astreya" (seal point tabby) is from Yaroslav, Russia and is an International Champion. Together, they created our breathtaking "Sunflower," with colors that are as rare in beauty as her personality is.  

The sweetest of all our queens, Sunflower does not throw her weight around even though she very well could. She is the CEO of the Zodiac, born January 9th, 2019, a Capricorn lady, and at six months old is as big as Lily at two years old!  She is all about adventure, fun and freedom, and is as gentle as the day is long. Her leadership ability is stoic, yet independent. Her confidence shines bright and makes Lily and Rose a bit jealous. All in all, her loving nature is simply irresistible and captures the heart of all humans in her path.



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*Rose's father, "Stiven Omili Stars," is Grand Champion from Tver, Russia, and her mother, "Lerusia Danvel," is an International Champion

Rose is is a lovely "Libra" lady, who at first glance, took my breath away. She is a seal point, Siberian with velvet soft fur. She is also a peacemaker whenever there is a disagreement with the others. She will run in to assess the problem and protects the underdog. She forces her head under your arm or hand to get her loving caress from her humans. Definitely a lover in every sense of the word! In fact, she will clean every cat that sits next to her.

Motherhood is Rose's forte, as her first litter seemed second nature to her. Full of confidence and love (Libra is the "lover" of the Zodiac) for her brood, attentive and protective, she is our graceful, gorgeous, matriarch of this cattery.



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*Lily's father, "Hors," is an International Champion from Tver, Russia. Her mother, "Gracyia," is a Grand International Champion.   

Lily is a tortie with white, and the face of a perfect angel. She has big blue eyes and the stature of a queen. She is our "Leo" lady and it's always about her - she'll bat at anyone who takes away her thunder. She rolls from side to side to make sure you've petted her favorite spots, and she even answers when she is spoken to (because of course she is getting the attention). 

Leo is a sun lover, and she loves going in windows every morning . . .  Also, because she may be cast in a movie at any moment, she cleans herself incessantly. I'm pretty sure she'll never need a bath!