Astrology & Cats

I've studied Astrology for many years and have given readings on people's charts hundreds of times. The date, time and place of birth is put into a mathematical program that shows where the planets are in correlation to the birth time and place of said persons. Because of the energetic influence of planets to the signs of the Zodiac, these mathematical interpretive charts have fascinated and intrigued people, teachers and scholars, for centuries. The accuracy of this energetic planetary influence on humans is akin to any science studied, and therefore, a guiding light towards understanding one's path in life. I believe this reference is also a helpful tool for people to understand their pets and the deeper connection to them, as well as, what to expect in their pet's behavior. 

In service to pet parents and their precious kittens, I am offering Astrology points of interest to consider when purchasing your kitten(s), or anytime afterwards, to help you understand and harmonize better with your Siberian baby. When we understand our own energy we are more compassionate and appreciative of our own uniqueness. That also is true with our domestic animals.

Astrological Points of Interest Included in Your Chart:

  • Sun - is the energetic willpower showing the natural way the kitten harmonizes with the world around them. 
  • Moon - is the kitten's emotional needs.
  • Mercury - is how the kitten communicates with others (animals and humans). This planet also represents intelligence.
  • Venus - is how your Siberian will show their love to you, as well as, what they love.
  • Mars - shows stamina, health potential, physical action, and how they approach the world.

Interested in Your Kitten's Astrological Chart?

It is only a $10 fee to add this service. Click below to adopt a kitten now, and be sure to request your kitten's chart.